Oprah Winfrey: Success Of The Free Enterprise System

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ROUGH DRAFT The Free Enterprise System is a controversial system which allows individuals the opportunity to make businesses and economic decisions with limited involvement from the government. The free economic system is what makes the American Dream. It promotes economic growth, individual choice and quality work. Oprah Winfrey is an example of the success of this type of system. There are many advantages to the Free Enterprise System. But first, what is a free enterprise system? A free enterprise system, as the prompt states, “provides individuals the opportunity to make their own economic decisions, without restrictions from the government, and allows consumers to determine the success or failure of an economic endeavor”. One advantage to the free enterprise system is that it promotes economic growth. Citizens are able to start businesses without excessive government regulations or taxation. As long as you are determined, and start up something that the economy supports, you can make a business. Another advantage to this system is that there is freewill and it promotes individual choice. The free enterprise system also promotes, and kind of forces producers of goods and services to do their job efficiently in order to succeed. This…show more content…
One huge example is Oprah Winfrey. Oprah was born into poverty to a single teen mother. She was teased, ridiculed, and even sexually abused growing up, but she did not let that stop her from dreaming. Through her sheer determination she was able become what she is today, the richest African American woman who reinvented the talk show and changed daytime television. It was a long process that started out with her going on a community black radio station, and she was able to work her way up to being signed on for her own TV show, where she continues to help and inspire others. She is the perfect example of the American Dream, and the Free Enterprise

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