Crossdressing To Comic Conventions Essay

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Female to Male Crossdressing to Comic Conventions One of the best things about going to a comic convention is going as a favorite character from a movie, video game or television show, the term otherwise known as cosplaying. What if the chosen character is a boy and the wearer happens to be a girl? It’s not uncommon, a large fraction of the dressed women are going as male characters; this is commonly called crossplay in the convention community. How does one create the illusion of truly being a boy, when biologically a female, dressed to comic-con? Two things that are a must for achieving the desired manly look are clothes and makeup. If these steps are followed carefully, the ability to transcend gender is quite possible. The choice of clothing is essential for this. Start with a tight sports bra or bandage, enough to wrap around your chest at least five times, this will help conceal…show more content…
You’re going to need a face cream of choice in a shade that’s just a teeny bit darker than the current skin tone, a skin tone foundation, an eyebrow pencil and baby powder. Focus on dabbing the darker cream under the cheek bones, jaw line, sides of the nose, and the chin area bellow the bottom lip and right above the bump of the chin. Then, using a makeup sponge, smooth and blend it until it looks natural and not streaky, blotchy or too thick, this will sculpt to the face, making it longer, angular and more masculine. Use the toned cream on lips to make them a little bit lighter; men naturally have lighter lips where girl’s lips are pinker. To wrap things up with the cream, it’s wise to set the makeup with a light brush of baby powder. This insures that the makeup won’t literally start to melt or become greasy. Lastly draw over already existing eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil to fill them and make them appear darker and denser. For best outcome in applying your makeup, it is recommended to wash face and neck

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