Civil War Battle Style

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Some people may think there could not be any association between the Middle Ages and the American Civil War battle styles, but surprisingly there is. The Anglo-Saxon/Teutonic people have many similarities to the U.S. Union Army. There is also a commonality between the Celts and the Confederacy. How can century’s old battle styles have something in common? This paper will show the comparisons between these four military orders. In the approach to war, the Anglo-Saxon/Teutonic people and the Union Army were very similar, they both were gentlemen, known as brotherhood in arms. They both fought to unify their country. The Anglo-Saxons fought to bring Christianity throughout the land, such as the Union Army fought to abolish slavery and to reassemble their Nation.…show more content…
For the Anglo-Saxons, they Alfred of Wessex who reformed their military. Where the Union Army had a wise government to help aid and support them to be a strong military order. The Union had banking, factories, railroads, and ships to support them in their war against their enemy. As for Alfred of Wessex made the Anglo-Saxons navy stronger by designing an abundant 60-oar boat. The Union also had a large and robust navy. During Alfred’s reign, he instituted an idea that warriors’ existence as a self-sufficient group could create an acceptable government and balanced society. He educated his people by establishing a school taught by scholars that taught them to be chivalrous. This is where knighthood originated from. This is very similar to West Point for the U.S. Union Army. They produced a very smart military order. When the South seceded from the Union, sadly the finest officers returned to their southern states to fight for the
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