In Flanders Field Analysis

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During the Civil War, when soldiers from different states with varying music backgrounds came together, they brought their music and when combined, created the style and songs that is still around today. The average soldier had a lot of time on his hands. A favorite pastime was singing. Music gave soldiers a way to express their emotions and experiences. They sang in camp and on marches. There were songs for entertainment, to lift morale, to give courage and to remind them of their loved ones at home.The armies in the Civil War, Confederate and Union, each had their own music, but also had one thing in common which is the bugle. There was more than 50 different bugle calls, each with a specific meaning and direction on what they soldiers needed…show more content…
Each country had their own national anthem in which they looked to for hope. Song lyrics reflected the changing attitudes of people during the course of the war in several ways. One way was that it made people, especially soldiers, grateful for things that they have. The poem In Flanders Field, became a popular song that changed the attitudes of many soldiers. It made them realize how serious this war truly was. On the other side of things, by looking at the families back home, a very popular theme was mother's missing their boys. In the song “Don’t Take My Darling Boy Away”, another is begging a general not to take her last son as she had already lost her husband and other sons. The song shows how Americans did not feel the war was really happening where they should send their loved ones to…show more content…
In a majority of the wars, music is used as propaganda. It became popular during rallies of the war time in order to bring people together. Another positive use of music during the wartime is to make a soldier feel at home. Families at home owned a piano in order to provide a common interest as their loved ones overseas. Many soldiers went to their camps or tents and listened to music in order to get their mind off of things that may be going on. It was another way that they could have an at home feeling inside them, even if it lasted just five minutes. One song that became very powerful was White Christmas during WWII. Many soldiers dreamed of what it would have been like to be home and it created an overall positive atmosphere. Another positive use was for battle calls. Each side had their own calls, however, if opposing sides had caught onto what exactly they were doing, that aspect of music can be seen as a negative use. Finally, music was used as therapy tools after the wars, especially with soldiers today. With the wars occurring today, PTSD is a very serious condition and in order to cope with it, they are several music therapies being utilized positively. One major negative use of music during the wartime is that is can be very distracting to some. If a soldier becomes actively involved in listening to music, it could potentially hurt them more than help them. Due to bringing them an “at home feeling” it could

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