The Denunciation, Night Before Battle, Under The Ridge And Old Man At The Bridge

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Ernest Hemingway's representations of the Spanish Civil War was categorized into a small documentary called the Spanish Earth, and a series of four short stories , The Denunciation, Night Before Battle, Under The Ridge and Old Man at the Bridge. Many can argue that the style of the documentary can be classified as propaganda, based on the information specifically of an influenced or misleading nature that was used to promote or expose a particular political cause or point of view. However, the short stories were more of a reality portraying to the readers on what took place during the war. It wasn’t biased nor can it be seen as misleading. Although, both are of the same nature, trying to tell the story of what took place in the Spanish Civil War they are different features and techniques that were used to accomplish this task. In The Spanish Earth documentary one of the key…show more content…
But then again, the narrator had control over the story and is able to lead the story in the direction he wanted it to go. A concept known as realistic effect was visible in both the documentary and the short stories. In the documentary the make belief of Olean the solider returning home from the war and being greeted by his mother had no relevancy or effect on the story (The Spanish Earth 33:05).Similarly to the short story The Denunciation where the narrator introduce us to the newspaper lady. The evening paper were not yet out so I bought three party tracts from an old woman. (91). Base on the article Narrative Discourse, These realistic effect scenes serves no purpose in the stories other than having the audience have an understanding that the narrative mentions it only because it is there, and because the narrator, having the ability to choose and direct the narrative, allows himself to be ruled by "reality," by the presence of what is there and what demands to be "shown"

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