Star Wars: The Influence Of Warfare In Science Fiction

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Since the beginning of time, warfare has affected the lives of every single human on this Earth, and without it, everyones lives would be forever different. Warfare has had an overwhelmingly large impact on literature of the past and present, changing it’s form and creating entire genres out of it’s maniacal destruction. Wars absence in literature would change entire genres and even movies of today, affecting most books, past and present. To begin, science fiction books, or Sci-Fi as they’re most commonly referred to, were originally based on traveling to space, discovering alien life forms, then getting into planetary warfare with said life forms. The popular series Star Trek, an impressive example of popular culture involving a mass audience…show more content…
The Star Wars series is also a good example of science fiction and war, though the series is more known for its movies rather than the books. Pushing on, The Lord of the Rings series portrays war affecting fantasy, a genre born in the fires of war. Fantasy usually shows medieval style combat with bizarre creatures and races that are entwined in warfare. Looking at all kinds of fantasy books throughout writing, nearly all of them have included some kind of war, or struggle of violence involving the future of kingdoms or peoples. Tales of orcs and dragons are used widely in fantasy books, as well as gods and other creatures of ancient times. Warfares non-existence in fantasy books would turn this genre to dust. From early times of fantasy like The Iliad and The Odyssey, based on the Trojan war, gods and humans combined in a story of war, and love, which has a big impact on war stories as well. Finally there is historical books, like The Things They Carried which shows the brutality of war and it’s…show more content…
The Civil War was a tragic time in American history, pitting brother against brother, father versus son, and affected millions. “...what happened to American literature, is a kind of chastening, a sense that maybe we should focus less on our ideals and more upon the day-to-day lives of actual living human beings.”, is a quote by Randall Fuller on how the literature began to affect peoples lives more personally rather than just spinning a tale of war. American literature now expressed the horrors and atrocities that American people are failing to see or understand. The Civil War cost over six hundred thousand lives, a number that America has never seen of its own kin, and writers wanted to express that in their works. War doesn’t stop at one ants death, it goes for the entire nest. World War I would be another eye-opener for the world, a global conflict which would lead to the biggest disaster in human history, World war II. Both wars casualties combined would be over forty million people within a few short years, entire families affected or even killed by wars merciless wrath. “From the very first week, the 1914-18 war inspired enormous quantities of poetry and fiction.”, is a quote from an article at that shows the sheer quantities of poems

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