Civil Rights And Its Influence On Women's Lifestyles

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Throughout the history of Afghanistan’s Civil Rights, women’s lifestyles have been impacted by their religion. Afghanistan’s main religion is Muslim where some groups would use the Qur’an to lead them to how they should live their daily lives. In the Muslim religion women are not equal and they are mainly viewed as property. They are supposed to be protected from society, especially when it comes to men who are not family members (Banting 22-23). Women were not required to attend prayer, but were allowed to if they pleased. The women were usually in a separate room away from the men or in the same room but divided by a curtain (Sicherman). This impacts women’s lifestyles because it limits their freedom and ability to express themselves in a…show more content…
For example daily activities that were seemly inevitable such as laughing loudly or making noise while walking was prohibited, even dancing, watching television and who they could leave the house with was all controlled by the Taliban (Corona, The Taliban). It was prohibited for The Taliban decided to change numerous activities that were not of Muslim origin. The Taliban said that people were not allowed to watch T.V or movies, nor they were allowed to fly kites and play board games. It was also prohibited to play recorded music or dance, regardless if it was at weddings (The Taliban). All of these activities are what Afghan children and families could to do for entertainment. Changing those things or taking away all that people know impacts their daily lives making the changes in their country that are going on seem so much…show more content…
Without going to school, going to work and depending on a man to go to the market, women’s lives were dull and boring they did not have much to do, compared to the life they had before the rule of the Taliban. If women were to use public transportation they, did not have the ability to choose where they could sit. “Women were to sit at the back of the bus and in the trunk of a taxi if men were in the backseat” (Perl). The life of women in Afghanistan was entirely complicated by the circumstances they had to live in throughout the rule of the

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