Interpreting By Miguel A. De La Torre: Summary

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This book is written by Miguel A. De La Torre, a Cuban American who teaches at the Lliff school of Theology. His motives for writing this book are to inform people about the different ways the Bible can be interpreted and what influences those differences. Miguel points out one way in particular and that is the different social locations that we live in around the world. For example someone from the United States might have a different interpretation of a passage in the bible then someone from a struggling country in Africa. Everyone can interpret things different based on a lot of different criteria. Miguel used a very good example in the opening of his introduction about how God does not like football players. It says in the bible “The pig, because its hoof is divided and it does…show more content…
Whether it is a different race, gender, socioeconomic status, age, or sexual orientation we must learn from different ways of interpreting scripture. Chapter 2 explains how reading the bible from the perspective of the dominant power will inhibit our ability to see the bible from the perspective that relates to our own lives. Sometimes we can be brain washed in to thinking and interpreting the bible in a certain way because that is how our church or how our parents have told us. It is important to remain unbiased and open minded when reading certain things in the bible. Miguel points out that Historically the Bible has been used to justify such acts as genocide, slavery, war, crusades, colonialism, economic plunder, and gender oppression. He goes on to explain that people that call themselves followers of Christ have killed millions of people in the name of Jesus. This is a perfect example of what chapter 2 is trying to tell us, we must not conform to the majority and believe what everyone else seems to

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