Spreading: A Short Story

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Biting lip, blood in mouth, salty wetness streaming from reddened pupils. Chest burning, heavily heaving, entire being engulfed in pain even though there wasn’t any rain. Surrounded by quaint green grass, a burning sun hitting my back, soft dirt under my feet. Shivering from chills in the breeze. An isolated countryside where all I could do was try to come to grips with what was occurring. Still unreal silence is engulfing mind. No thinking only pain. Tis what awaited the day I learned this feeling unlike any before. My mind is still numb from the words expressed. The wrinkled forehead of my father greeted me earlier that day after I returned from the mailbox with important parcels in my grip. In the air there subsisted staleness, a mood engulfed with downtrodden emotions. His down turned…show more content…
His tongue lightly touching my arm as his gummy mouth lipped at me. His head roughly moved against the shoulder as he nuzzled me with a faint neigh. His large nostrils blowing air into my face as he came closer to me. I stayed there for what felt like hours. I know this because of the light begun to dim the longer I stayed with my horse. Sniffles came from me as my chest shook. I shivered. Curling on the hay as I stayed next to my horse. His massive form was even larger from my view on the ground. Despite my pain, I found comfort in Blue’s unmoving presence. Granny’s voice continued to whisper chitter in my ears as I felt even more memories of Noah’s ark, puddles in the rain, acorns, and many other things that reminded me of her. Each dimming, but these memories could not fill the aching void of her absence. I thought forgetting her would ease my pain. But there were just too many things in my life that reminded me of her. Silver buttons, pretty dress, pictures taken by her, things she gave me and my family. I tried to box them up. I didn’t plan to leave them in the dust for long but I didn’t want to associate with them yet
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