The Stanley Milgram's Effect: The Bystander Effect

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The Stanley Milgram Experiment video shows how people will react when an authoritative figure commands them to commit inhuman or atrocious acts against another person. The experiment requires one person to be the “teacher” while the other is the “learner”. The teacher asks the learner a series of memory questions. Each time the learner answers wrong, the teacher is told to administer increasing levels of electric shock to the learner. Each person knows that the levels of electricity that are being delivered to the other person involved in the experiment could be lethal. Still, over 50% of the people partaking in the experiment administered 450 volts which is more than lethal to a human being. The amount of people that proceeded with the experiment…show more content…
This also acts on the nature of most humans, to not speak out or act against what is believed to be ‘reasonable’ order. Joshua Thomson 3rd Period The Bystander Effect The Bystander Effect video demonstrates the social phenomenon where no one offers help to a person in need when there are multiple people present. The usual case is a highly populated or crowded area in which one victim is in need of assistance or help but the majority of people either ignore the individual, or they see that no one else is helping and decide to not provide assistance. In many experiments, the higher the amount of people present the more time it will take for the victim to receive any aid or assistance. These experiments are absolutely appalling to me. In my own experiences with helping someone in desperate, need I act as soon as I am aware of the problem. The Bystander Effect shows how people can be diverted from doing what is right based on other people’s reaction to the situation. Also, I think that areas with a high death and accident percentage are more prone to ignoring one of these situations. For example; in early 1940’s Poland (after the invasion of Nazi Germany) the streets were littered with dead bodies and cries of help from injured

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