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1. Describe the fight at the Milvian Bridge? This should be a description of the actual fight (who/why/where), not the visions seen by Constantine. Roman politics was the cause of this battle with the deputy emperors of the East and West competing for power. On October 28, in 312 A.D., Flavius Valerius Constantius aka Emperor Constantine, and his brother-in-law Maxentius, fought a fight at the Milvian Bridge. They battle was against Galerius Augustus, in the East, he lost the battle, to Constantine and Maxentius. Then they took over Turin and Verona and moved forward to Rome. Galerius and Maxentius were both killed in these wars. However, Constantine continues to fight and is now ruling as the first emperor. 2. Name 2 factors, according to the article, that influenced Constantine to accept Christianity? i)…show more content…
Constantine instructed his men to paint the sign of the cross symbol onto their war shields. Right before the battle, a symbol of the cross appeared in the sky, now Constantine knew this was a sign from god. When they went into the battle at the Milvian Bridge and won the fight, he continued on to conquer Rome. ii) Constantine devotion to Christianity is from his father Constantius, who he loved very much. He didn’t spend much time with his father, as he was growing up. He was able to reunite with him shortly before he passed away. After his father death, his men addressed Constantine as the new Augustus in the East. 3. Was Constantine a Christian? Yes or No. Why did you choose one or the

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