The Inevitable By Karl Ove Khausgaard Summary

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In our society the people believe that they need to be alert about any unusual situation. This is the reason that the force in the society always be alert. However, in the article, “The Inexplicable”, Karl Ove Khausgaard’s main argument is that some people distorted the reality and this people acting against to the law because they become a strange. The author states how society tries to understand people’s behavior in front of crimes. The author uses a situation of who behave against of the common sense, who see by his father eyes and who are prepare for society in order to face the violence. First, the author applies the idea of make crime with the idea of people acts again to the law. The author says that the people tend to mislead their own reality because the people embrace a different role that have in the society. The author states, “And it is not, as one might think, Breiviks’s isolation in prison that has brought out this side of him” (5). The author explores that the man who become a criminal he turns his reality because he is mentally sick. The author points out how the psyche plays an important role at the time…show more content…
The author illustrated a situation about a man who belief that he needs to prove of his family who he is. The author states, “A few months before Breivik carried out the assault, he visited his former stepmother and told her that soon he was going to do something that would make his father proud. His mother had left his father when he was one, and it had been years since Breivik has spoken to him” (4). The author expresses that the man see by his father eyes and this man is lack of the self- appreciation because he was a neglect son. The author states that the man as he grow with a dysfunctional relationship with his father. The author remarks that the man realizes that he needs to see his father approve in order to be someone in the

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