Comparing The Wall And Chronicles Of A Death Foretold

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Comparitive Essay “The Wall” and “Chronicles of a Death Foretold” both have a theme that relates to death. In “The Wall” three men are summoned to their death if they did not give up a man who was guilty and in “Chronicles of a Death Foretold”, Santiago Nasar was an innconcent man who has been killed by these two twins boys about the same age as him. Both of these stories have similarites to each other. Whether it is a postive or negative outlook, both these stories have the same genre/theme. “A falcon who chases a warlike crane can only hope for a life of pain” (64 Marquez). A man who falls deeply in love with a women who can control him with her beauty. Santiago Nasar was the man who fell in love with a women named Maria Cervantes. He…show more content…
The Vicario twins kill Santiago to honor their sister. Maria then dishoners her family by sleeping with another man so inorder for the Vicario twins to keep their word in honesty, they must kill Santiago to protect their sister. In the end, the women Santiago loved was reason why he is dead now. “I’d never thought about death because I had any reason to, but now the reason was here and there was nothing to do but think about it” (Sartre 63). Pablo had been dating a lady named Concha who he loved very much. If she were to find out that Pablo was being summoned to death, she would be devesated. Pablo kept his promise to Gris about not giving up his location as to where he was hiding. Pablo would rather take his own life than to give up Gris. The doctor had asked Pablo if he wanted to see Concha for the last time before the guards take him to kill him, his response was “Now I had no more desire to see

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