Descartes Vs Kant

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Descartes and Kant both displayed common elements of modern worldview in their writings. Elements of modern worldview focus on people’s minds and challenging their own, as well as others. Both writers emphasized the importance of this in their writings. It is apparent that one should think for themselves and not to rely on what others say. People should seek the truth on their own and increase their knowledge. Descartes wrote about how important it is to have a good sense and to always build on it. Descartes (1637) wrote of good sense, “It provides evidence that the power of judging well and of distinguishing a true from the false” (Discourse of Method, p.1, 2). It appears that Descartes considers good sense as how people are able to…show more content…
With Descartes having great emphasis on science, he explained that there were certain steps or rules to take in the process of reasoning. Descartes designed a scientific method as a way to think about and unify all areas of knowledge in one way. Descartes explained his four rules that apply to this method. The first was to accept truth that has absolutely no doubt, second was to break problems down into sections, third was to organize thoughts in an orderly manner, and fourth was to make a complete analysis of all information (Discourse of Method, p.11, 18-19). This is a scientific method of deduction that is efficient at eliminating all possible ideas except for the…show more content…
Both authors shown evidence of their belief in God and nature and how they can impact lives. There were many instances when Descartes discussed his belief in God, but at one point Descartes spoke of God and his relation to his own life and imperfections. He knows that he is not perfect, but he can still reach perfection because of something of nature that is more perfect than himself. That is God. Descartes wrote (1637), “If there were bodies in the world, or even intelligences, or other natures that were not at all entirely perfect, their being had to depend on God’s power in such wise that they could not subsist without God for a single moment” (Discourse on Method, p.20, 35-36). This quote, as well as other quotes, are evidence to me that Descartes definitely believed in God and nature. He nor anyone would exist without him. He believes that God is the reason for everything that is good, including all of his knowledge that he has

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