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Character(s) Feminism Discrimination Cordelia Cordelia’s behavior in scene 1 does not fit the gender expectations people in society have for women. One of which is that women must please their parents. Although Cordelia was her father’s favorite, she got banished from the kingdom simply because she choose not fulfill The role that was assigned to her by her father and society. Cordelia does not want to get married because she does not belief in the patriarchal superstructure that makes men superior to women and places the needs and desires of men above everything else. Thou hast her, France. Let her be thine, for we have no such daughter, nor shall ever see that face of hers again ” (1.1.305) Women, at the time, were treated as objects--properties…show more content…
The fool warns the King about them indicating they are bad news that will only case trouble. In patriarchal societies, women’s bodies and sexual attractiveness are valued over personality and character. The way her describes women shows how people at that time used to generalize women as sexual objects. Shakespeare represents women in this negative way as jokes encourages the sexual objectification of women which people at that time didn’t seem to mind since they lived in a patriarchy. The fool tells Lear he is whipped for telling the truth, lying, and for just holding peace implying he is always bullied and discriminated upon by other people in the kingdom. The fool is labeled as a joke. He is not viewed as a real person. He hates the way everyone always looks and him and treats him. He even states “I has rather be any kind o’ thing a Fool”(1.4.190) Since they are stereotyped as unintelligent clowns the fool dislikes the way he is treated but cannot do anything about it since it is embedded in society’s ideologies when it comes to

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