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In Leonard Mlodinow’s latest book, “The Upright Thinkers: The Human Journey from Living in Trees to Understanding the Cosmos”, he explores the evolution of mankind’s knowledge from a scientific view and approach. The book takes us from the early stages of our species, in which cavemen developed tools to help them survive, the development of written language, understanding of various scientific knowledge, and rise of the technology we use in today’s modern world. Mlodinow uses the examples of different historically figures that were the founding fathers of the knowledge mankind has obtain over the millions of years we have been living on this earth. The Upright Thinkers is a combination of science and creative thinking to help bring a better…show more content…
He researches the paths of our ancestors who have discovered and uncovered most of the human knowledge we use every day to help us develop into the advancement of the modern human species. He highlights the bigger names of science, language, and philosophy creationists of the 1800’s to 1900’ who have all played an important part in shaping our understanding of the world. Although their contributions were crucial, It was not only their knowledge that helped advance society but the work of individuals well before them that were the ones who should really be credited for our species and social development. “The great scholars of 1550 to 1700 who built the grand cathedral of knowledge whose pinnacle was Newton did not emerge from nowhere,” writes Mlodinow. “It was the medieval thinkers at the early universities of Europe who did the backbreaking work of digging the foundation for them.” The vast amount of challenges and hardships of those who lived hundreds (even thousands) of years before us help develop the maturing mind of the human…show more content…
When countries were starting to first develop in 4000 B.C., humans traveled with camels to get from one place to another. Over the next thousands of years, mankind went from traveling on camels, to creation of chariot riding, to invention of steam trains and the railroad system. It took centuries to develop a faster mode of transportation but within the last hundred years, we went from trains that were moving a mere 10 miles an hour to a space shuttle traveling into space at the rate of 17,000 miles per hour. Mlodinow often stress how the human brain has advanced so much during the last couple of centuries due to the knowledge obtained from millions of years of human

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