What Were The Causes And Effects Of Native American Explorers

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Today, I will talk about the causes and effects of the Native Americans and the European explorers. European explorers went to america to get glory and fame. Explorers went to America for religious freedom and to escape England. They also went to the Americas because of new materials. Some wanted to escape England and some wanted to claim land for themselves. The Explorers came to the Americas in the 1500's. These explorers saw the Americas as a perfect world and opportunity as a new beginning, new routes, and different goods. Europeans brought over many bad things, one being the worst is the diseases they brought. The diseases that the Europeans had were not expected they had bad health and bad diseases. No one knows why. The Indians got affected bad by the diseases of the European. About ninety percent of the Indians population got affected. That means only about one out of ten Native Americans survived. Their descendants are the two.five million Indians who live in the United States today.…show more content…
Europeans got so used the feeling of silk that wanted it. They needed a lot of spices. They wanted a lot of spices because it made food taste better. With the discovery of the new world they would try to find new routes to Asia. It was a new way to find fame. The Europeans had different weapons than the Indians did. The Europeans weapons were more advanced than the Indians. When the weapons were introduced to the Indians it changed the course of hunting. Their foods were plants such as corn, beans, and potatoes. They ate anything they saw sometimes they ate cats. Although they did plant crops, a majority of their time was used hunting and gathering meat. Which means they they stopped using bow and arrows and started to use European rifles. More animals were being killed so that means the got more food. But it unbalanced the food chain and animal

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