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Christian College Thought Paper Wendy Guindi Azusa Pacific University Christian College As a person who is approaching college quickly, I thought this book The Idea of a Christian College by Arthur F. Holmes was interesting and helpful. I have read several themes about living for God and preparing for college. Such as why a Christian college, Integrating Faith and Learning, College as Community, and Experience is not enough. He spoke about different debates that helped me realize how living for Christ and Dealing with College is with respect; he did not leave the reader wondering how to accomplish this feat. This led me to look at a lot of things in a different perspective and was helpful for me. The Idea of the Christian College…show more content…
A Christian college reveals a lot of positive things such as, looking at everything in God’s perspective, having to deal an environment that wants to live for Christ and learn more about him. Being at a Christian College, I’m seeing that the most important discoveries about myself have been directly related to my discovering in God. And not only discovering him, but encountering him. Continuing hearing the heartbeat of God every day and making all of the changes, both large and small, take courage that come only from Jesus. God reveals himself to me in textbooks, in the world, in College, in a community of believers, in professors, and in life. Moving towards to a certain level in college with Christ, Gives us the opportunity to be faithful to ourselves that we are able to continue and get what we want in education or in life. Also having to Non-Christian College could lead to different kinds of things such as; going to parties and drinking and doing the things that God doesn’t want us to do, or being at a place where God is not going to be a part of it. A Christian College prepares you to have a better relation with God and it motivates you to get used to the fact of wanting God’s presence with you all day every day. Not only that, but it also teaches you how to deal with people around you and have a different type of attitude towards people. The idea of the Christian College also is to offer a good education and biblical studies in an atmosphere…show more content…
I have always been at a Christian schools and I have always felt comfortable and happy being there. I have gained a lot of experiences in a Christian college community. Maintaining my relationship with God, learned the Good teachings that God tough us, being good to others, and also learned how to be a good listener. To Sum it up, If we are to know God, we have to invest the time to get to know him. God is an amazing God he is a forgiving God, Ever-present, and loving. God is everywhere all the time. He is the God who is here, not a God who lives beyond the stars. Because of that, we can be motivated to do the right, and we have courage because he is always with us. Also the love of God touches us in a way that no other attribute does. God is not just loving, God is love. (John 3:16) simply and beautifully describes just how great God’s love is. The answer is that God does have a purpose and plan for us, and God has the power to carry out that plan. It is one thing to know that no person or circumstance can touch us outside of God’s sovereign control; it is still another to realize that no person or circumstances can frustrate God’s purpose for our lives. God is in control doing as He pleases, not apart from those events, or in spite of them, but through them. I think the bible will continue to play an important role in society as it will continue to give us the push

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