Chris Mintz's Death

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News article “Oregon shooting hero tells gunman, “It’s my son’s birthday today.”, by Don Melvin, CNN News tells us the tragic story of the shooting that killed nine people and left nine injured. Chris Mintz, a military veteran, heard gunfire Thursday morning at Oregon’s Umpqua Community College; his first thoughts were not to protect himself, but to protect others, especially his son, Tyrik. The shooter, who was unnamed, had four guns in total, and an abundance of amo. The shooter targeted Christians, he even took the life of a disabled person. The assassin spared the life one one person, and gave him an envelope to give to police; what was in the envelope has not been exposed to the public. Chris’s life was not claimed by the shooter but…show more content…
Both pieces contained a person willing to risk their life to save another's. Hans Hubermann risked his life more than one time to try to aid one, he risked everything, including his family, by hiding Max. If the Nazis would have found Max, Hans and his whole family would be punished, but Hans stood confident in his choice to aid another human. Hans also tried to give bread to many starving Jewish people who looked near the brink of death. This willing to risk their life also stood true for Chris Mintz. He stood up to the shooter, trying to protect his son, Chris was shot seven times, but still managed to survive. He was will to die for someone he loved, even though it could have meant the ultimate price. Chris and Hans would be considered heros. Both stories also discriminated a religion. In The Book Thief, millions of Jewish people and Communist were sent to camps and put to death because of one single person’s belief, that individual thought the Jews were to blame for all of Germany’s problems. Hitler, the ruler of Germany, though the only way to cleanse the population and rid the country of this “filth” was to put them to death. The gunman in the Oregon shooting also discriminated by religion, he asked people if they were Christian; if they answered yes, he shot and killed them. The shooter did not recognize, just as Hitler did not, that people will always believe in different thing and you should respect that. Both these men saw this as a problem and used a violent crime to attempt to tame

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