The Epistle To The Colossians: Chapter Analysis

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“The epistle to the Colossians, we are arguing, was an explosive ad subversive tract in the context of the Roman empire, and it can and ought to function in an analogous way in the imperial realities of our time” (p.1 {preface}). The main point of reading Colossians Remixed is to demonstrate how the Bible can serve as an unchanging truth in today’s culture. This central idea is reiterated several times through the first chapter in a strait-forward way. “In his lived experience everything is malleable, porous and changeable. He does not live in a world of unchanging, hard-and-fast absolutes…... This text proclaims a Truth (with a capital T), speaking with an absolute authority that is unrelated to William’s lived experience”. The world and the…show more content…
Like many young Christians I had never thought of the Bible as an absolute truth. Absolute truth meaning that the lifestyle defined within the pages is the only livable lifestyle to produce any satisfaction. This was so much different than the societal and often religious viewpoint that had been presented to me. I was use to a “studio-produced” lifestyle of money, resources, and good deeds will help you get into heaven. For many Christians that is the definition of Christianity. Colossians Remixed pushes this same idea in the first chapter with a story of a college kid named William. “Again we come back to William’s problem with absolutes in the midst of a world of dynamic relationships. To be in relation is to be relative……. So, given this postmodern allergic reaction to absolutism and any and all large claims to have understood, grasped and become a spokes person for the Truth” (p. 17) Our culture has no place for something that is as certain and stable as God. Instead we replace God with an ever-changing object called money. Even Christians have lost sight of God. For example, many Christians worry about how much tithe they are giving compared to the person next to them. Instead, they should focus on the Absolute Truth, money rots and God does not. Because of Colossians Remixed; I am a radical. I believe that the Bible is The Absolute Truth. I believe that an unchanging God can exist

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