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Describe the signs and symptoms of the disorder. The word gambling refers to the activity of betting money which results in either a gain or a loss (Merriam-Webster, n.d.). Gambling in America has deep cultural roots and exists today as a widely available and socially accepted recreational activity. American adults now report having gambled sometime during their lifetime for example, on casino games, lotteries, sports betting, horse racing and off-track betting, and other gambling activities. Describe the causes of the disorder. There are causes of pathological gambling. They include genetic factors, biological factors, and psychological factors. Psychological factors include impulsivity, cognitive processes, and negative emotions. Having…show more content…
The diagnostic criteria for pathological gambling involves the following - is preoccupied with gambling (e.g. preoccupied with reliving past gambling experiences, handicapping or planning the next venture, or thinking of ways to get money with which to gamble) - needs to gamble with increasing amounts of money in order to achieve the desired excitement - has repeated unsuccessful efforts to control, cut back, or stop gambling is restless or irritable when attempting to cut down or stop gambling gambles as a way of escaping from problems or of relieving a dysphoric mood (e.g. feelings of helplessness, guilt, anxiety, depression) - after losing money gambling, often returns another day to get…show more content…
They include depression and anxiety has long been recognized; there is an estimated 37.9% of problem or pathological gamblers who have a comorbid mood disorder and 37.4% have a comorbid anxiety disorder; and problem gamblers who suffer depression or anxiety are at increased risk for suicide (Scholes-Balog, Hemphill, Toumbourou, & Dowling, 2015). Additional comorbidities that are seen in gambling disorder include poor general health, medical diagnoses for example, tachycardia and angina, personality disorders, substance use disorders, and tobacco use disorder (American Psychiatric Association,

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