Gloria Steinem Women's Rights

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The American Dream is the hope for a better life especially for woman and woman’s rights. Woman’s rights were always challenged whether they should be able to work, to make the same amount of money as men, vote, the list goes on. Women are judged by every little thing they do, from what they wear, to how they act in public; there has never been a “normal” for women to be who they want to be-- thus resulting in conflicts pertaining to women’s rights. Gloria Steinem is an example of a feminist from the 20th century who wanted her ideas to be heard. She felt that people shaming woman and making them feel like less of person because of their gender was uncalled for. She attended Smith College after she graduated high school and she studied…show more content…
During Clinton's tenure as secretary of state she used her position to make women's rights and human rights a central talking of the U.S, she became one of the most traveled secretaries of state in American History and promoted the use of social media to convey the country’s positions. On (TheHill by Amie Parnes) she states that Hillary Clinton is putting women at the center of her agenda as she contemplates a second bid to become the nation's first women president. She also states that Clinton has trumpeted equal pay for women in speeches and panel discussions across the country. Hillary has called for a movement to help women at work, arguing that women face not only a “glass ceiling” but a floor that could collapse underneath them, erasing the gains made to win equality between the sexes. In the same article it says that she announced a new six hundred million effort through the Clinton Global Initiative to help disadvantaged girls attend secondary school. Hillary, like Gloria wrote a book called “Women on the Frontlines of Peace and Security” which is also about women’s rights and feminism. Hillary Clinton just started focusing more on women’s rights unlike Gloria Steinem who has been a women’s rights activist since the beginning. Hillary just announced her campaign on feminism and it stated “It’s all about Feminism” (Amanda Marcotte) she wants to start focusing more on women and abortions and…show more content…
In the article it states that the location itself send a strong signal Clinton states “When women are held back, our country is held back”. She states that the idea that uplifts women uplifts the nation has become standard fare in democratic speech-making. For instance in Obama’s 2014 speech on equal pay he said” And part of that is fighting for fair pay for women-because when women succeed, america succeeds.” When women make less money, he said, that’s “less money for gas, less money for

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