911 Narrative

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“911, what is your emergency?” “Is my dad there?” “No…” “Oh, okay,” I said as I hung up the phone. Soon there were officers ringing the doorbell questioning why 911 was called. They kept asking me if I was okay, as if they could not trust my mom’s responses. You see, my father is a police officer and at the time I thought that calling 911 was how I could get in contact with him when he was at work. I was only four years old and already causing unnecessary trouble. I would always try to do what I was told; always started my homework right when I got home, put the dishes in the dishwasher after dinner, and even came inside at dusk. When I was young, I just accepted my parents’ rules for what they were. I just assumed that everyone had the…show more content…
Throughout my life, I have never been the decision maker. Even when it was up to me, I would base my decisions off of what others wanted/were doing. I got used to others ruling over my life; first with my parents and then with my peers. This lack of control resulted in me really disliking change and having to make big decisions. I was not used to being on my own; I was used to being controlled. I guess, I did not want to be judged for even the smallest things like choosing where to go out for dinner. If that stressed me out then never mind being responsible for choosing where to go to school and what I wanted to do with my life. The laws of life made it pretty clear that college was the only option for me and if I did not go, then I would be stuck in the equivalent of prison: going to work, coming home, and doing it again the next day. You see, I have lived in the same place for my entire life and have had the same job for about a year and a half (even though working at Stop & Shop is terrible); it is just another consequence of my fear of change. I picked a school that was far enough from home that I could not commute because my parents encouraged me that it would be good to be away from home. I picked a school that many other people seemed to like when I really did not know much about
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