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a. The Worthy and Unworthy Worship Worship is about God and for the glorification of His name; it is a celebration of love that gives life and empowering to His people, who worship Him in righteousness. Specifically, worship involves abandoning oneself to God and presenting Him an offering for the atonement of sin. Significantly, people come to His presence to verbalize their affection to Him through an ardent worship and harmonize relationship with Him. The Bible delineates that God shows great favor to those who faithfully embraces His will and His displeasure and wrath to those who refuse to worship Him. Therefore, God’s people should give themselves to a life of worship that honors the God of love. The Bible provides people an inspiring…show more content…
In the beginning, God would speak and give them divine guidance and instructions on how they should live and relate to Him. (Genesis 4:7). Adam and Eve loved and feared God; thus, Cain and Abel learned and developed their faith through their teachings and instructions. (Romans 10:17) Furthermore, they were trained properly to worship God through an offering. A good example of worthy and unworthy worship in the Old Testament is that of Cain and Abel. Both Cain and Abel worshiped God; however, the Bible critically expressed that Abel responded hastily according to God’s instructions and requirements for worship while Cain worshiped God in accordance to His will and presumptions. Abel’s life exhibited a life of love, worship, and obedience that in his great awe of God, he offered Him the firstlings of his flock and their fat portions—life sacrifice. God saw it and was well pleased and honored. As a result, God accepted Abel and his love offering and blessed his faithful obedience, which God accredited to him as righteousness. (Genesis 4:4) Concerning Cain, I presumed, he disregarded God’s holy exaction for worship because he likewise wanted to offer God the best of his produce from the fruit of the ground, similar to that of Abel concerning his flocks. Cain believed in his

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