Informative Speech On Occupational Therapy

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We humans are social creatures. Our whole lives depend on the other people around us. Without having the ability to interact and collaborate with humans, life is very, very hard. I’m sure you would understand as you work with other people and without the support of others, it can be hard to get things done. Right now, thousand of kids are affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder, or more commonly known as Autism. This is a very common disease, and no one knows why it occurs. It could be genetic, or it could be toxic exposures during pregnancy. We still don’t know. Symptoms of this disease include inappropriate social actions, repetitive actions, anxiety, depression, temper tantrums, and much more. This disease takes away the victim’s ability to interact and respond to other people in the “usual” way. Coming back to my main point, it is very hard to live with this disease, because we are social creatures. So what are the available options for treatment today? Prescription drugs include Risperidone and…show more content…
Here is a quote that I found from an Autism story online: “My message would be to never give up fighting, there is light at the end of the tunnel and it is very very much worth while. You will get there but unfortunately, it is a long and rocky road. I just wished there was more help out there for ASD parents, adults and children and really hope the government realises that having an autism spectrum disorder is hard enough, let alone fight for basic needs.” Another technique that has worked well for other families is a gluten and casein free diet. It helps reduce the symptoms quite significantly, but it doesn’t cure this

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