Chicago White Sox Baseball History

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Baseball is a sport played between two teams of nine, where each team switch off batting and fielding after 3 outs have occurred. The team attempting to hit from the throw of the pitcher and score runs are the offense team. They run a series of four bases going counter-clockwise: base one, two, three, and lastly home plate. To score, a player must advance through all three bases and return to home plate without getting an “out”. An out is when a player attempts to run to the next base and the opposite team catches the ball in the process. Most games consist of nine innings, however baseball is the only major sport to be played without a timeclock. The Chicago White Sox are a professional baseball team located on the south side of Chicago, Illinois. The White Sox are players of the Central Division in the MLB American League. They became established in 1894 as a major league baseball club named ‘The Chicago White Stockings’, which later became famously known as The Chicago White Sox. The White Sox have a detailed history from origination to creation of the players prized jerseys.…show more content…
In 1901, the Western League broke the National Agreement and eventually became known as we know it today, the American League. The first season ended with a White Stockings championship. This championship ended an American League season, as the World Series hadn’t existed until 1903. The Chicago White Sox won its first World Series in 1906, defeating the crosstown Cubs. From 1951-1967, the White Sox has their longest period of sustained success, scoring a winning record for 17 straight

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