Bipolar Disorder In Hamlet

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People with bipolar disorder typically fluctuate between episodes of manic depression and episodes of mania. These manic episodes, when left untreated, can lead to psychotic episodes which often portray hallucinations for the person. Manic episodes usually occur following psychosocial problems in that persons life. Individuals may often switch between manic episodes and depressive episodes (Depression). Hamlet goes through many mood swings throughout the play. He portrays to be depressed, irritable, excited, hyper, and at times brilliant. Many people would claim that Hamlet has gone mad in the play. In Shakespeare’s play, which was taken place in 1601, Hamlet would have been diagnosed with with suffering from intellectual melancholy due to…show more content…
Successful treatment depends on a combination of factors. Medication alone is not enough. It is important to communicate with your doctors, be well educated about the illness, have a good support system and stick to the treatment plan. One treatment plan is initial treatment. This includes taking medication to balance out the mood swings. Another treatment plan is day treatment programs. These programs provide support and counseling until the disorder is under control. A treatment that only a doctor will recommend is hospitalization. This is necessary when a person is thinking about suicide, or constantly changing from manic to major depressive episodes. Being hospitalized will help stabilize one’s mood and can keep them calm and safe (Bipolar). The treatment plan I would recommend for Hamlet is a day treatment program. Hamlet has a lot of built up feelings that he only seems to let out when he is alone, which makes him even more upset that no one will listen to him. The constant soliloquies during the play show that Hamlet is in desperate need to talk to somebody about his feelings. I think going to a counselor and getting constant support will make Hamlet feel appreciated and as if somebody cares about his feelings. His mother is no support to him because she is very wrapped up in her new marriage with Hamlet’s uncle. As for Hamlet’s father, he only appears as a ghost to make sure Hamlet gets revenge for his murder. Therefore, Hamlet is always left alone to sort out his feelings. With the day treatment program, it would also include psychotherapy which I think would be very beneficial to Hamlet. Psychotherapy can help children develop coping skills, address learning difficulties, resolve social problems, and help strengthen family bonds and communication
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