Babe Ruth: The Greatest Player In Major League Baseball

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Do you ever wonder why baseball is so popular today? It used to be an unpopular sport with low-scoring games, few home runs and was very unexciting because the sport was in "the dead ball era". During the dead ball era, one ball was used for a whole game, making it soft, dirty, and hard to hit far (Hannon). In the 1919 World Series, eight players on the Chicago White Sox got involved with gamblers in a scandal to "throw" (lose on purpose) their championship game against the Cincinnati Reds. This scandal sparked outrage in the world of baseball, and the popularity of baseball plummeted even more (Sports). However, baseball’s popularity bounced back when Babe Ruth began his rise to fame to become the greatest player in Major League Baseball (abbreviated MLB) history (Hannon). George Herman Ruth Jr. was born on February 6th, 1895, in Baltimore, Maryland, to his parents George Ruth Sr. and Kate Ruth who were of German and Irish descent. Ruth had seven other siblings, but only he and his sister, Mamie, made it past infancy. Mr. Ruth Sr. and…show more content…
In his last starting pitcher season, Ruth went 9-5 with a 2.97 ERA. However, his great season with the Red Sox would be his last. The Red Sox owner Harry Frazee needed cash to pay off debts, the only two teams he could trade Ruth with being the White Sox and the Yankees. The White Sox offered to trade "Shoeless" Joe Jackson and $60,000 for Ruth, and the Yankees offered $100,000 in cash. Frazee chose the latter, and sold Ruth to the Yankees on December 26th, 1919 (ESPN). This transaction would later be known to many as "The Curse of the Bambino," because the Red Sox wouldn't win another World Series for another 86 years (BRC3). The Yankees on the other hand, who had never won any baseball titles or World Series, would later go on with Ruth to claim seven pennants and win four World Series

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