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The Aztecs are a Mesoamerican culture that lived in what is now Mexico city from 1100 to 1525. They are a very special and unique culture. The Aztecs had their own language, religion, government, and a very powerful military. They are famous for building the Aztec calendar, which could accurately tell the solar year. This artifact does not only sow the Aztecs scientific and technological knowledge, but also reflects the Aztec culture. In 1100 the Aztec tribe was formed, in the years that followed they would become one of the great Mesoamerican empires in existence. The Aztecs settled on an island in a salt lake, here they would build the city of Tenochtitlan and start their mighty empire. At first, the Aztecs had to work as subjects of the people already living around Lake Texcoco. But eventually, the Aztecs moved onto the swampy islands of the lake, the…show more content…
They built houses out of reed and temples for their gods. They grew and fished for food. They became so powerful that they conquered all of the neighboring tribes. As well as the most powerful, they were also the smartest Mesoamerican culture. The Aztecs had many advancements in technology and science. An example of the Aztecs knowledge is the Aztec calendar. They had two calendars, one that told the solar year and one that told religious events. “They had learned from the Maya how to determine the solar year accurately. With this knowledge their priests kept an exact solar calendar. An almanac gave dates for fixed and movable festivals and listed the various deities who held sway over each day and hour.” (Aztec, 1) The Aztecs used the knowledge they learned from the mayans to build an accurate calendar that told the solar year. This calendar shows the Aztecs technological thirst, as well as faith towards their extremist religion. With this knowledge they could accurately tell the solar year, and stay in touch with their

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