Character Changes In Beowulf

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We all know the story of Beowulf, the legendary gear, known in his later years as “Monster Slayer”, known for his strengths and bravery. Well throw everything you know out of the window. In the 2007 movie of Beowulf, both the plot and characters are changed, Question is, Was it worth it? Did the changes better the story? Or did they burn it down like a dragon in Herot? It is clear to say that the plot and character changes have significantly changes the story in a whole. In the movie there were many plot changes. For example, in the poem the Queen is not introduced until the end of the battle in Heorot, but even that was weird. In the movie she is used as a prime example of lust, proven several times during the interactions they had throughout…show more content…
The biggest change in character was Beowulf, in the poem he is depicted as a dauntless hero, in contrary to the movie where he is portrayed as a man who would do anything for honor, leaving him vulnerable to temptations. In the movie Beowulf states “I have died many, many years ago when I was young.” What he means between the lines is that once he gave into his temptations his honor had died. Back in Anglo-saxon times, honnor was everything to a epic hero. Another example of a change in Beowulf was when his wife states that their relationship was ruined because of the many lies between them. To lie goes against the code of conduct heros had back then. In the poem Beowulf was a hero until the end. Another character change was Wiglaf, in the poem he is a freshman warrior learning the ropes, in the movie however he is a virtuoso of a warrior that is Beowulf's wing man. In the poem, the little we see of him he shows that he holds himself to the highest degree of conduct, by not running away when the dragon attack but instead backing up what he preached and running into battle to assist the elder Beowulf. Dissimilar to the movie where we question if he will follow the same steps as Beowulf at the end of the movie. Thus shows the differences in the heros from the poem to

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