Similarities Between The Reputation In The Epic Of Beowulf

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Throughout the epic Beowulf, there are many similarities obviously portrayed in the complex dialogue between the reputation of Beowulf and how it changes, in comparison to the reputation of a member of modern day society. Upon the arrival of Beowulf and his men, the mighty Geats, Beowulf’s integrity is challenged by a man by the name of Unferth. Unferth has heard of Beowulf before and snobbishly mentions the only miniscule failure that Beowulf has ever had. Unferth then continues on and suggest that Beowulf was immature and only boastful for participating in a swimming race with one of Beowulf’s companions, Brecca, across seas filled with sea monsters. (page 27 lines 239-245) This will be the first form of openly projected opinions of Beowulf that form his ultimate reputation amongst various characters. After having explained his only supposed failure occuring in his youth, Beowulf is once again casted as the epic's hero. This is how the epic battle of Beowulf versus Grendel is developed. The "boastful" Beowulf is the…show more content…
Now, he is viewed the most noble king that Herot has ever had. In the afterlife, this character is remembered and showcased as a man that is more deserving than any other of praise and admiration for his bravery. (page 46, lines 884-897) These character changes in Beowulf's reputation, I feel, are very similar to modern day heroes. Beowulf seemingly failed at one thing throughout the entire course of his life. Still, people viewed him differently do to his increasing age, fleeting stamina when at battle, and singular failure. Modern day heroes and regular citizens of society alike both have changing reputations. If a mistake is made, you face being continuously looked upon differently by others. With majority of people, there is never any "room for error." These changes of reputation are a direct reflection of the average person's ever-changing perception of

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