Genima Vs Beowulf

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EPIC V. CINEMA In the Epic and the Cinema of Beowulf Cultural values are reflected as extremely different from each other for several reasons. For instance, when the producer of the movie Beowulf and Grendel (Gundersson) produced the film in 2005, they knew what exactly had to be done to make sure the audience could sympathize with the characters, sympathy being a key value of the modern era. The author of the Epic Beowulf, however, expresses a much different view of the world, one reflected more as a medieval attitude. The heroes of the book do not have to be socially dynamic to the audience because they begin and end in the epic as noble characters incapable of possessing flaws. Beowulf, Unferth, and Grendel’s characters are the most diverse,…show more content…
For example in the Epic his character was described as a great fighter and a man of incredible, tremendous strength. He was brave and had confidence that was on a whole different level. When it came time to fight Grendel he chose to fight with no shields or armor in general, because he had so much confidence in himself. Whereas in the movie he looked like any other warrior and when he fought Grendel in the movie he had all the warriors fighting with him and he was wearing armor and was not presented as confident in the film. In the movie he would mock those that were being converted, specifically when Unferth was being converted. Beowulf says, “They swim only out of fear.” Then Hrothgar says, “But still, they swim.” In the…show more content…
He remained loyal to Hrothgar who saved his father, this kind of loyalty is given because he came to Heorot to kill the beast, with no question asked or guilty feelings. He traveled to the Danes to not just to prove his loyalty but also his courage by defeating Grendel. Not only was he loyal to Hrothgar, he was also loyal to his own Kind of the Geats by returning to the Geatland. In the movie Beowulf had a completely different mindset and understanding to the beast Grendel, although he never became un-loyal to Hrothgar he was disappointed that Hrothgar did not tell him the real truth about why Grendel was attacking the Hereot from the beginning. In Beowulf and Grendel Beowulf respected what Grendel's intentions were and that he was only going after those who caused him harm. In the Epic Beowulf’s courage never failed, he never had any second thoughts about fighting the beast or any other monsters. In the movie Beowulf knew his duty was to kill the beast, but his morals were changed due to the fact that it was an immoral duty. This is why at the end of the movie Beowulf makes a type of sanctuary or a place of respect for Beowulf to rest in

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