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Many have heard of the story of Beowulf. The source does not change the main story, however. It is a hero’s tale of a brave man dated in the 1st millennium, who has to slay beasts for the better good of everyone and is world renowned for his accomplishments. The details, on the other hand, do change from source to source, varying in drasticity. For example, the original epic poem and the 2007 film, both known by the name of Beowulf, share somewhat different tales. The movie has been modified to fit today’s standards, as well as attract a wider audience in order to sell more. One aspect found in the movie that was not present in the epic is the love story. In the film, as soon as Beowulf and Wealhtheow, Hrothgar’s wife, laid eyes on each…show more content…
In the text, Beowulf defeats not only Grendel, but his mother as well. After doing so, Beowulf is rewarded and returns to the land of the Geats where he becomes king. He rules all of his life and at old age is challenged once again by a dragon that has been awoken. In the poem, however, Beowulf only kills Grendel and makes a treaty with his mother, which involves sexual relations. He stays in Denmark only to later become king and husband to Hrothgar’s widow, then after many years, his decisions come back to haunt him. The treaty with Grendel’s mother was broken and his child she bore starts terrorizing Beowulf’s kingdom in the shape of a dragon. The results are the same however. Beowulf dies a hero, saving his people. The reason behind why the director made these adjustments is probably that he or she, as someone with knowledge and experience behind this topic, believed that this would increase the entertainment. The twist and turns, the sudden change of events and the cliffhangers that the director chooses to add to the film make the movie much more entertaining to someone watching the flick in the 21st…show more content…
Unlike the original tale, the motion picture oversexualizes many of the events throughout the epic. The mead hall is a location where many of these incidents take place. In the poem, the mead hall was a symbol of celebration and festivities, yet in the movie, it is where a many eroticies occur such as men preying on women. Also, in the movie, the character of Grendel’s mother is turned into a sex symbol. Opposed to the original tale, in the film, Grendel’s mother is a beautiful woman-shaped creature who desires to have relations in order to conceive children. In the movie, she fornicates not just with the king Hrothgar, but also the Beowulf, of which is not presented in the text at all. The reason behind this is that the 21st century has a special interest in physical appearance and sexual relationships. To lasso in a broader range of people, the director added these modifications, which contributed to the success of the feature

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