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Hello Mr. Daly, with the quarter coming to an end I would like to discuss a possible change of classes. Currently my ninth period class is year one japanese level nine with Mrs. Suzuki. I was wondering if it were to be possible for me to change out of this class. The reason for this change is the fact I don’t feel as if the class environment is really for me. I think if I were to have a change out of this class it will greatly impact my grades, my work ethic, my attitude toward school, and my overall morale of life. Most importantly, I think that leaving japanese will make Mrs. Suzuki much happier. Lastly there is nothing wrong with Mrs.Suzuki or our silk helper Miya in fact they are very generous and kind people that I am very happy that I met them. I feel that the atmosphere of year one japanese is not for me. The thought of going to that class everyday stresses me. The class to me feels like standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon on the tips of my toes. The reasons why I get this feeling is because of the students and the way they act. The students of the class are just out of control, the way they act ranges from yelling across the classroom, interrupting Mrs.Suzuki while she is explaining, reflecting light into other…show more content…
In a way I kind of admire the two, they have been put in a tough situation dealing with other students that have been under the influence of Japanese animations, which drives them to think of the class as their playground. With all honesty Mrs.Suzuki has probably been the most generous teacher I have ever had (except you, Mr. Daly). Most teachers would have not offer every single day for a study session, and test retakes,but Mrs.Suzuki does this on a daily basis. Mrs.Suzuki takes the disrespect that the students gives her and still wears a smile every single day, and that is something most people can’t

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