Same Sex Marriage Situational Analysis

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Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION Situation Analysis Same sex marriage is a common topic but people do not really understand the main context of the topic, especially teenagers who has their own opinion about same sex marriage, teenagers has a lot of opinion and thoughts about same sex marriage, so we are about to tackle what are the many different opinions and thoughts of Teenagers towards same sex marriage. Same sex marriage it is a marriage of two with the same sex, it is a common happenings nowadays and people tend to view it as to a person being open minded, teenagers nowadays are engaging to same sex and soon same sex marriage, because they thought it is more humane and you’re open to the thought of it. Studies shows that most of the people are…show more content…
And another factor why I wanted to engage into this kind of study is because mostly teenager’s opinion on same sex marriage are plain and somewhat judgmental, so in order for them to widen their views on same sex marriage. Mostly teenagers are affected by the same sex marriage because they prone to becoming confused of what is their real gender and it is causing them to have a Gender dsyphoria, so it is important to know what are their thoughts and opinions about same sex marriage to have a clearer or better understanding of it. Framework of the Study The framework of the study will show different theories and histories on how same sex marriage is formed. The President’s Affirmation On May 9th , 2012 President Obama stated that he supports Same sex marriage or Gay people he said that it is important to know and to accept people for who they really are or what are their gender, he has helped legalized same sex marriage or the Lgbt…show more content…
Queer Theory Susan Thompson was mad because of the judgment against gay people or people who has or have the same sex, that is why she had this theory that people should learn to respect the gender or sex of other people, that we are all equally made no matter what gender or sex you have, she also said that people should start to appreciate the open mindedness of other people because they are starting to accept and agree on what they really are, with this theory the stronghold of gay people was strengthen and they were even more motivated to fight for their rights, for the Same sex marriage is to be legalized. Statement of the Problem This quantitative study will focus on the Thoughts and Opinion of Teenagers on Same sex marriage of the senior high school students of Al Danah International

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