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Have you ever smelled a sting bomb and thought to your self what makes it smell so bad? The reason is because of the hyrogen sulfide which is compound of sulfur that is present in the stink bombs that makes it smell like rottening eggs. The element I picked is Sulfur its symbol on the periodic table is S. The atomic mass of sulfur is 32.065 and its atomic number is 16. At room temperature sulfur will stay in a solid form, it has a boiling point of 832.28 degrees fahrenhit and has a melting point of 239.38 degrees. Sulfur has 6 valence elctrons in its shells so it is not a full octet. Sulfur makes up 3 percent of the total earth mass. Skuks also have a breakdown of sulfur that is present in their bodies that they use as denfessive spray to ward away animals or people.(live The element Sulfur is found in its most pure form in volonacos and hot springs. Sulfur is found in its melted formt if its close enough to the valanco but It can also be found in its solid form if its is found away from the volonacos.Sulfur is very little and brittle and you have to handle it with care. It can also be very greasy and found it the in black pertroleum despoits of a volonacos. Sulfur is destory when minners flood a sulfur mines and that it causes the sulfur to becoe melted in the water. The…show more content…
If you relate the percentage of sulfur to the world population you would be left with the population of the United Staes. You can also relate three percent to a trillion dollars if you take the three percent it will be thirty billlion dollars. Three percent seems like a small number but when you can equate it to bigger things you can truly see how much sulfur is on the planet earth. Sulfur is mainly found near a volonacos or hot springs but can sometimes be found in meteorites. There are many common chemicals and molecules that have sulfur present in

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