Evolution Of Woman's Image In Hip-Hop And Pop

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The Evolution of Woman's Image in Hip-Hop and Pop Hip-Hop and pop is a culture of today in genre of music that many, mostly a younger demographic are drawn to it. Hip-Hop culture is now commonly recognized by it’s fundamental elements; such as, rapping, dancing, lyrics, beat, urban and apparently relevance which are viewed as an art. Hip-hop and pop are constantly evolving and incorporating different and new aspects to it and it’s just going to continue to grow within the next decades. Hip-hop and pop focus on urban youth therefore, many young people actually turn to hip-hop as an outlet to express themselves with various emotions and sentiments and sometimes devote themselves as aspirating hip-hop artists and pursue the hip-hop industry.…show more content…
Hip-hop music videos have the ability to mold an image and fake status of African American women in society. Some may question whether appearance matters and we know it does and what they don’t imagine is that what these lyrics and videos depict has a tremendous influence on the perception of African American women today. In todays society, women are a large portion of our advertising agents in the industry which image and perception is an indicator of their success; unfortunately, it has changed since women first began in the hip-hop and pop culture. Essentially, hip-hop has always had a speck of sex appeal but it was never to an extent where it sent an inappropriate image for the younger generation to follow, it was more considered as evolving and never as vulgar as what is seen today. Regardless of the minor appeal, women in hip-hop were more focused and dedicated on empowerment and individualism as African Americans. Since hip-hop music first began, music videos have gradually portrayed false perceptions of African American women. Most of the lyrics in hip hop and pop music today, unfortunately, consist on sex, money, drugs and vulgar ideas of women as opposed to their genuine qualities or knowledge that should be shared instead…show more content…
We began in the Bronx where it was predominantly men who produced the music to women in the industry being objectified. As mentioned, Salt-N-Pepa sant “Ain’t Nuthin’ but A She Thang” which was the beginning of the period when woman began to use hip hop as an outlet as this song symbolized empowerment of women to be individuals and have power, dominant for themselves. Then, came a shift that leads where we are today. Lauryn Hill with her song, “Doo Wop” expresses the insecurities of now only men and women with each others genders and what exactly searching for one another and their and it’s not genuine where is Lauryn Hill giving them a warning and awareness of their intentions men about women indicating women are not genuine. Finally, one of todays biggest artists Beyonce recently publicized “Partition” which is complete objectification of women that will unfortunately lead society to see as a stereotype. This song implies her selling herself and offering her in entirety to a man. Although it is unlike Beyonce to make songs so risqué, it has built a lot of talk regarding herself as a feminist. With these demonstrations of lyrics, and music videos as a whole it justifies the image of the African American has not improved through the hip-hop and pop

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