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“Though this path is uncharted, I am confident that we will reach a place of reconciliation,” Justin Trudeau. Fatty Legs: A True Story by, Margaret Pokiak-Fenton and Christy Jordan-Fenton. The consequences of residential schools impacted Margaret for the rest of her life, Margaret was abused and humiliated for being who she is as a native living in canada. The book has many social injustices, as an aspect of racism where she is persecuted for growing up with such a culture, the schools also having right vs wrong rules where practicing your own culture is wrong and what they’re teaching is right, also the freedom of expression is taken away for the result of trying to assimilate their culture. It was seen as a way to integrate natives into our…show more content…
Margaret had no freedom of speech, she was taught english using the english language which they did not understand as she says in the text, “How did the raven expect us to learn without speaking to us in our own language,so we could understand” (Fenton, 46). The freedom of practicing their own cultures, speaking their own language and doing anything that has to do with the indigenous people should not be taken away and replaced by the Christian and the english language. Having the freedom of speech as an indigenous person can mean a lot from having individuality, articulate their opinions and ideas without fear of retaliation and censorship and being able to display your culture without anyone trying to take away your freedom. Margaret and the students in the book had their freedom of expression away by banning them from the practice of their traditions and cultures which at the time they did not understand why, these actions of making students have disbelief of their native culture should be non prohibited because everyone should have the right to their own mind and their freedom to do anything that does not harm the society. The attempt to try to convert indigenous people to Canadian-society and force them to forget and not live the life they were born into, the general experience of residential school students was more negative than positive. The food was low in quantity and poor in quality; preparation did nothing to enhance its limited appeal. Clothing was universally detested, Students were isolated, their culture disparaged, removed from their homes and parents, separated from some of their siblings and in some cases forbidden to speak their first language, even in letters home to their parents, “... there was no sense or hope to try and

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