Cell Phone Addiction Assignment

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During our psychology unit, the cell phone addiction assignment was by far the best experience ever. As a part of this assignment I had to place my phone on a desk in front of the room for fifteen days and I would be able to retrieve it fallowing the class. Having to give my phone away for a whole period was by far the hardest thing to do at first, but as days passed by I got used to not having it with me. During this experiment, I started to notice that I had an attachment to my phone, the attachment base theory proposed that our early life experiences with major figures responsible for our well-being, namely parents or other caregivers are at the root of our connection to the adults with whom we form close relationships. While we are small…show more content…
I replaced it with my cell phone because I though my cell phone was a social connection to the people I care about. I can keep memories of my loved ones such as pictures, messages on…show more content…
If this activity is done in other hsp classes, it will teach the students that they could go on without their phone and that life is so much better when we are socialising with one another and sharing ideas rather than texting. This activity will help them notice that there work habits will improve a lot if they are not distracted by their phones, as well as letting them notice that even after the activity is over they won’t be pulling their phones out as often. Another reason to why I recommend this activity for other hsp classes are that it has lots of benefits on a kid’s psychology, this is because some kids are overwhelmed and worry a lot about how many likes they get or who texts them or how many snaps they get and all of these things effect the student’s psychology making them feel less loved and lonely whereas during this activity they will notice that social interactions in real life are a lot more important than social media interactions. They will tend to feel more loved and outgoing and

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