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ntroduction Friction is a force that exists all the time in our everyday lives. Friction allows us to walk, ride a bicycle and hold things in our hands. Sometimes we want to decrease friction for example when ice skating. Without friction, object sliding on a horizontal plane would go on forever. I find it unbelievable that the mass of the object would have no impact to the friction coefficient. That is why I wanted to research the phenomenon by myself to find out if that actually happens. Friction is a force between two surfaces and is also related to air. It is a vector quantity and therefore has always a magnitude and direction. For example if there is an object that is sliding on the table, the direction of the friction force is opposite to the direction of the motion, though the…show more content…
If there was applied force F, the possible movement would be to the right and that is considered that as a positive direction. If no force is applied, F_net= F_μ, the object is not moving since 〖F_net = F_μ- F = 0〗_according to the Newton’s third law of motion. When some amount of force is applied the friction starts to resist that force. To a certain point called the static friction coefficient the object won’t move but right at that point it will jerk to movement. Below there is a picture (Figure 1) demonstrating this phenomenon. Figure 1: Forces affecting an object on inclined plane.

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