Causes Of Women In Antebellum

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The Rising of a Revolution Antebellum America has a heavy influence on today’s society and upbringing on the way women are raised today. The rising conflict for the humane rights for women started in the early 1800’s because of the influences from the Second Great Awakening and the allowance of women to attend school. Women were not seen as equals and were only seen as a way to have a family and to teach their children. Education was not easily accomplished either for women after their early teens because that was when they were seen as women who could take care of themselves and find a husband. The rising mindset that women could have an education started to raise questions all over the country that if they could be educated what else…show more content…
While men were seen as the responsible owner of everyone in his household, women were seen as the caregiver in the household. Women had minimal education and were able to work, but only for a meager pay. If women wanted to attend college she would have to enter one of the few colleges that allowed women, such as Troy Female Academy or Mount Holyoke Female Seminary, and women would often go there to learn how to be teachers (“Women in Antebellum America”). Being a teacher was more openly accepted than trying to be a scientist or doctor because it was seen as a mother’s duty to teach at the time. Women would also more commonly be found as nurses, but there was no proper school to attend to learn how to treat the ill so women would often learn by the experiences their peers and other workers would teach them (“Women in Antebellum America”). The minimal amount of education for women was a harsh reality that would start a rise of women who will fight for…show more content…
Some rights they did have would have to first go through their husband before they could do anything on their own. As a woman in Antebellum America, they would fight tooth and nail for rights and would sacrifice hours and social status to protect and open doors for women in the future. Along with the fight for equal education, they would unite and start abolitionist movements later in the 1830’s in big cities such as Philadelphia, Boston, and New York (“Women’s Rights in Antebellum America”). With the rise of abolitionist movements and learning how to speak out against the awful acts of prejudice some would be ridiculed and mocked, one such pair would be the Grimké sisters, which would only further push them to act out and start to speak up about women’s rights and compare the treatment of slaves to the treatment of women (“Women’s Rights in Antebellum America”). Now having the movement of abolitionism alongside the fight for women’s rights it would only be a matter of time before an uprising would take hold and spark a movement of people to fight for human rights for

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