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Nelson Mandela the man who fought and won! Mandela spent 27 years of his life in prison for the fight against apartheid. After he was in prison he became the first black president of South Africa. Nelson Mandela’s childhood, adult life, and his most famous years such as his presidency made Nelson Mandela the great man he was which caused him to be an impact on all South Africans. Nelson Mandela was born July 18, 1918 in South Africa. Mandela lost his house and was then forced to move with his mother to Qunu to live with her side of the family. He lost his house Mandela’s mother sent him to a school run by missionaries which that was very unusual at the time. states, “At the age of nine Mandela’s father then died and Nelson Mandela…show more content…
In the book DK biography Nelson Mandela, it states “Mandela was elected to the student government along with six others. They refused but were all reelected and still refused. Mandela’s action got him expelled from his school; him and Justice both left the school and left for their home the “great place””. At the “great place” both Justice and Mandela had wives picked out for them. They had a big choice to make. They could marry and live peaceful lives maybe even settle down or they could join the fight against apartheid, which separated blacks and whites. Mandela and Justice both ran away to join the fight against apartheid. In the article Britacana Nelson Mandela’s life to death biography, it states, “While in the fight against apartheid a man named Walter Sislu inspired Mandela to be more politically involved.” Thanks to Mr. Sislu Mandela in 1944 he joined the ANC [African National Congress]. That same year he met and married Evelyn Ntokomas a cousin of Walter Sislu. It states in the text it states “In 1952 Mandela along with a fellow ANC member he established South Africa’s first black law practice.” A year later he was internally banned from the ANC. In 1958 Nelson Mandela was then remarried to Winne…show more content…
Mandela and a few others are charged with sabotage and are sentenced to life in Prison at Robben Island. In the text Britacana Nelson Mandela’s life to death biography, it states, hundreds of people joined the free Mandela campaign.” Mandela worked everyday in prison for many years. Finally, after many years of hard work the free Mandela campaign won; Nelson Mandela was released February 11, 1990. Three years later in December Nelson Mandela earned the Noble Peace Prize. A year later in April on the 27th Nelson Mandela became the first black President of South Africa. In 1998 Mandela remarried again to Graca Machal. On June 16,1999 Mandela retired from his presidency. After that he kept fighting for causes such as HIV / Aids until his death in

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