Causes And Disadvantages Of Metals

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without metal. The metals we use in our houses are mostly for keeping them sturdy. Though there is one problem we have when it comes to metals. That problem is that they rust. Metals rust when they are in contact with oxygen, and water. They rust much faster when they are in contact with salt water, and acid rain. We chose to see what would happen to various metals when they contacted with salt water. When the electrons move around in the salt water, it causes the metals to rust. The metals we chose were iron, copper, lead, zinc, and aluminum. Those are some of the most commonly used industrial metals. We got the salt water directly from the beach, so that we would get the same reaction if this happened in real life. The chemicals that are…show more content…
Rust is one of the main disadvantages. Metals can rust when they are revealed to moisture. Rust is produced by metal and oxygen from water in the air mixed together. Copper and bronze turn green when they rust. Another disadvantage of metals is that some of them are very expensive. Rhodium is one of the most valuable metals. The average price of a kilogram of ruthenium is $13,548 ($420 per troy ounce). You have to pay $500 per kilogram of indium. Indium is also the tenth most valuable metal in the world. One of the metals for the experiment was zinc. Zinc oxide is a common zinc compound that forms when metallic zinc is exposed to air. Zinc also has many alloys. One of the many alloys zinc has is brass. Like zinc brass dose not rust. It slightly loses its color sometimes, but it can regain it by being washed. The process of making zinc has a name. It is called Galvanization. Galvanization is when an object is put into corrosion, and is given a coating of molten zinc by dipping it into it. Galvanization is the process that turns other metals into zinc. A metal can be changed into zinc so it could be more efficient than what it already is. Zinc is one of the most common used construction metals. So Galvanization would be a good way to reuse…show more content…
When copper is mixed with other metals it can create a certain metal. When copper is mixed with zinc it creates brass. This is called an alloy. Copper is known for its high thermal and electrical conductivity and resistance to corrosion. That is why most wires are made from copper. Copper is made up of CU on the periodic table of elements. There is also a process to making copper. Some copper is found pure, but some is found mixed into other minerals. You can take the copper out by melting it. Some people think that metals cannot be melted. Although, just like gold, copper can be melted, and molded into different shapes, some metals have really high melting points. Coppers highest melting point is 1,981*F 1,083*C 1,356*K. The third metal for the experiment was iron. Iron is the most common used industrial metal. Iron easily rusts. When it is being transported to a different location for construction, most of the time, it rusts on the way there. Some of the components in iron explain this. Iron consists of 5% of the earth's crust. Iron is made from FE on the periodic table of

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