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Comparison of Pharmaceutical Packaging and Cosmetic Packaging 1A) Primary Type of Containers - for Pharmaceutical Packagings There are several primary types of containers for pharmaceutical packagings such as ampoule, vial, injection syringe, bag, blister and strip, bottle, pressurized containers, tube and so on. Primary type of packaging will direct contact with the pharmaceutical products. Ampoule and Vial Ampoule is a sterile type of packaging to store the liquid pharmaceuticals for injection. It is designed for one time use only. Vial is a sterile type of packaging to store the liquid medicaments for parenteral use. It consists of a rubber stopper. It is used for single or multiple dose. Injection Syringe Injection syringe is a type…show more content…
The pump can be made up of aluminium or metal. The head of the pump is normally covered by a cap. This type of packaging can store oil, cream for skin care products and hair care products. Cosmetic Vials Cosmetic vials are used to store liquid products. It can be made up of plastic, metal, and glass. It is come together with a twist cap to close the vials. Normally, a brush is attached with the cap. For example, vials for mascara and lip gloss. Cosmetic Bags Cosmetic bags is made up of aluminium fold. Normally, it can use to store the facial mask and the essence in the package. The aluminium fold can be tore off to take out the facial mask. Cosmetic tube Cosmetic tube is used to store the oil preparation products such as cream and lotion for cosmetic use. It is usually made up of flexible materials such as metal and plastic. It consists of a cap on the top and the cap can be twisted for it to close properly. In addition, the cream will be released when the tube is being pressed. For example, BB cream, hand lotion, lip balm and so…show more content…
Glass can withstand high pressure. Glass can be made into different sizes and shapes. The disadvantage of glass is fragile and heavy. Although it is fragile, it is still used as the packaging in pharmaceutical product as it can be sterilized at high temperature for the medicaments. For pharmaceutical products, glass container is used for the tablets, capsules, syrups, vial and ampoule either for single dose or multiple dose purpose. For cosmetic products, the use of glass container is lesser than pharmaceutical products because it is very heavy, breakable and hard to handle when compared to plastic container. It will be only used for some cosmetic packagings such as cosmetic vial and cosmetic container. Metal Metal for pharmaceutical packaging is only used in non parenteral products such blister for tablets, gas cylinder and tube for topical medicaments. For cosmetic packaging, metal is rarely used but sometimes it is used in the container for lipstick. 4) Application of Pharmaceutical Packagings and Cosmetic Packagings For pharmaceutical packaging, it can be used to store the medicaments for oral route, topical route, parenteral route, internal and external

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