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Oscar Arnulfo Romeo y Galdamez, is a hero to Latin America to this day. Fearless, he put up a “Gandhism fight” against Salvadoran authorities. With a series of audacious attempts to attain freedom for the oppressed, he spoke against poverty, social injustice, and assassinations. Later in his life, he was commonly known as Oscar Romero. Romero was born on August 15, 1917, in Ciudad Barrios and died at the age of 62 on March 24, 1980. At a young age Oscar Romero developed a passion for the ministry and he pursued his dream, and became a catholic priest in April 1942; in Rome. Later on at the age of 60 he became Archbishop of San Salvador on February 23, 1977. Oscar Romero remained archbishop of San Salvador from 1977 through 1980. Rutilio Grande—a jesuit priest who was Romero’s close “colleague" and…show more content…
Even after many other of his close friends and fellow priest partners were murdered or disappeared, Romero continued his opposition to the military leadership and politics of El Salvador. And like it was mentioned before, he continued his quest for justice even after receiving death threats himself. He reminded his audience that justice could not be made with violence. So he motivated them to use peace as a source of defense. Although, certain people within communities disagreed with the “peaceful defense”, he assured the rest of the communities that acting on peace was not showing fear. Instead, it proved the growth in matureness that would help the oppressed gain freedom and justice. An example of this is when he said, “Peace is not the product of fear. Peace isn't the silent result of violent repression. Peace is the generous, tranquil contribution, of all to the good of all. It is right, and it is duty” (The Violence of Love 39). This statement was already explained previously, so what Romero encouraged was peace because that would have positive

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