How Did Pope Francis Change The World

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The man that is shaping the world not only through religion but through socialization has been traveling around and spreading his words of wisdom. “The first pope from the Americas, Pope Francis, was born on December 17, 1936 in Buenos Aries, Argentina. Pope Francis is currently the 266th pope of the Roman Catholic Church.” (Pope Francis Biography) Pope Francis has always been a very religious figure even before he was pope, before becoming the pope he was an arch bishop as well as a cardinal priest. Pope Francis has a massive following because of how social and friendly he has been—this was shown in Philadelphia when hundreds of thousands of people showed up to see him in person. Pope Francis is an extraordinary role model for peace because he cares about the world as a whole, understands that events happen that are not planned, and has been friendly among all ethnicities and races.…show more content…
The principle behind this quote is the more that we open up to each other the better the world will be. The pope explains his point by telling a story of a possible meteor disaster that would end the human race, this example shows vulnerability. As said in the passage, “Pope Francis suggests that our vulnerability can inspire us to cultivate wisdom, compassion and justice.” (The Globe) This shows that the vulnerability inside of all humans can inspire us all to do better and be better. Pope Francis led by example by praying for peace during his international travels around the world, especially paying for peace towards war efforts. This shows how Pope Francis is caring for one another and caring about the world as a whole, also how it is influencing others to care as much as he

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