Summary Of 'Read These Lips' By Frank Bruni

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In the past, American society defined a kiss as a personal act that should be shared between a man and woman of the same race. Many people were ostracized for displaying affections to members of a different race or sex because it went against the norms of society at the time. In this article, Read These Lips, Frank Bruni discusses the impact of a kiss when football player kisses his partner on national television after getting drafted. The majority of society has become accepting of this behavior, but it still comes as a shock or a surprise when a football player, someone that embodies our idea of masculinity, openly kisses his partner. The author explained that the initial reaction that so many homosexuals had when they first saw this was not exultation but alarm because they have been taught to hide their behavior. Frank Bruni even states that he sometimes feels panic when his partner kisses him because of his awareness of other people’s gazes and a fear of their judgment.…show more content…
In the movie “A Patch of Blue”, a 1965 movie, there was a small scene where a blind Caucasian woman kissed a black man because she was unable to see the object of her affection. This shows that racism is expunged when skin color is erased and this scene was cut when it was shown in the South. Even in the 1990s comedy sitcom, “Roseanne” the actress that played a lesbian on the show remembered that the director yell, “Cut!” when she and another actress were about to kiss. It took a while for people to accept homosexuals and interracial couples because the meaning was not available to them. All that was perpetuated in the media and environment was same sex and race relationships, so it was hard for people to get away from this

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