Roman Catholic Indulgences Essay

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Today, events in modern society have historical and religious underpinnings, and it is apparent religion is as old as society itself. Amongst the world religions, Christianity, especially the Roman Catholic Church has dominated the social, political, economic, cultural, and religious lives of people in society. As a result, Roman Catholic Church was sustained by various laws and regulations instituted by the Pope to ensure subordination of the populace, and Catholic indulgences remained one of the most controversial practices of the Roman Catholic church today. Even though Catholic indulgences were prominent during the reign of the Romans, it is obvious that this practice has diminished in the 21st century where religion is on the decline fast.…show more content…
With the support by the Vulgate in the Old Testament, it is the mercy and kindness shown by God to his people in the world. However, God had his representatives in the world, and the Catholic Church bestowed these powers on the Pope who was considered God’s vicar on earth. As a result, an indulgence was a remission paid by sinners after God forgave their sins in order to avoid the sequential punishment associated with a sinful act. The Catholic Church arranged this remission and complete reparation for sins committed by individuals occurred when they were released from both the guilt and penalty of sinning. In this manner, indulgences were valid in both the tribunal of God and the Catholic Church’s tribunal. This implied it completed the favor or kindness extended to people after they had sinned because it filled the corporal punishment associated with a sin in satisfying the divine justice. Though, it does not permit one to commit sin and then be forgiven by receiving an indulgence. The person has to feel remorse and sorrow in order to be able to receive remission of temporal punishment for

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