Why Is Books Better Than Books

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Movies vs. Books Movies and books has been one of many timeless debates around the world. People like to entertain themselves with one or the other. Books have been around through many generations, and movies are considered as something more current. There are many points to point out to compare and contrast both topics, cause both eventually leave out a message to the one who experiences. Movies may be better in some points than books, and it also could be the other way around. It also differs whether the points are taken from a personal view or how the media and the society shapes it to be. Books and movies can compared in the time spent to get the final message, or the knowledge that one should achieve in the process of watching or reading,…show more content…
You can see that if a person is reader, there is no way he/she would prefer the movie on the book. Books require commitment that very few in this world possess. Imagination and creativity is essential for a successful life, and books can provide both for a loyal reader. Very few people are considered innovative and creative and that is because the majority would like to sit on the couch with a movie playing on a 40 inch plasma screen. Without having the ability to think, imagine, and create new stuff in their brains. Even though a normal 400 page story would take you a couple of weeks to finish and a movie would only end in 2 hours. Books build deeper connections with the reader and the story, the characters, and the scene. Another major advantage that books have over movies is the point that your parents and your school teacher always explain when they begin to encourage your reading, is the vocabulary and the improvement of speaking and writing. Many kids began reading because of those two points that I thought were very useless. Guess they are not after all. Books do not have any kind of negatives or downhills from a readers perspective. All they do is add essential information to the
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