Nothing Great Was Ever Achieved Without Aphorism Analysis

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Success. Success is something that everyone in life wants. No matter what they are doing whether it is as a job or just for fun, people want success in each and every thing that they do. Ralph Waldo Emerson put success and the means of achieving it into an extremely brief phrase. “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm”. Emerson brilliantly uses this aphorism to more or less say that if something is not worth doing to someone, then nothing will come of it. In my opinion the meaning of this quote is something that we learn from a very young age. The principle of waking up and wanting to go do what you are doing. The overall want and drive to do something is what leads to success. Without any desire, no lasting impact will ever occur.…show more content…
Playing sports is most certainly an activity that take desire. Putting the amount of hard work and dedication through practice and training needs the enthusiasm and love of what the athletes do. Enthusiasm in anything you do, seems to be a very contagious attribute. Those around you begin to have enthusiasm which leads to much success. Hard work and enthusiasm in what you do will make the sky the limit and truly will allow oneself to accomplish great things. A perfect example to proving that enthusiasm is necessary for success in sports is Stephen Curry, professional basketball player for the Golden State Warriors. Unlike most athletes, Curry did not go to a big school for basketball and was highly doubted as a college and nba player early in his career. Through his love and enthusiasm for the game, Curry worked unbelievably hard and is now the most valuable player in the NBA and won the last NBA championship. Without Curry’s enthusiasm for basketball and getting better, he would have never had the great achievements he has today. This great example of Emerson’s aphorism exhibits exactly how enthusiasm is needed to achieve greatness in

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